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Bella Hadid Cannes Film Festival Opening Gala Red Carpet May 17 2017 Bella Hadid Cannes Film Festival Opening Gala Red Carpet May 17 2017 Willa Ford at the Vogue 'XOXO Spring 2004 Collection' Party in Hollywood October 13 2003 Willa Ford at the Vogue 'XOXO Spring 2004 Collection' Party in Hollywood October 13 2003

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BackAlley Ying-Yang

Why are you reading this when you should be scouring the site for sexy
high quality images? I am flattered that you are doing as much and I
appreciate it. All those images pretty much trump anything that I
could have to say seeing that this isn't a blog and reading really isn't
a prerequisite on BackAlleyPics. But now that you are...
Let us get to the point so I don't waste to much of your time. I won't bore you with 'I am a small town boy from a humble
christian family..." blah blay who ha, because I am not and who
really gives a damn anyway? We are all here for the pics!
Which I could be working on some collection right now if I
wasn't running my mouth here but it is site launch time, time to
actually serve up all those sexy high quality images, and this page is
part of that process so here we are. I am not going to spend to much time writing here due to the fact that this site is not my first rodeo and I have written all of this before on that other site that shall not be mentioned here. *Cough* it ends in .com and probably begins very much the same way this one does. Everything needing to be said here can be found there. You can also gleam a little more insight from this site as well on the BackAlley Progress Page.  So I am just going to vaguely rehash here what I have already said over there for those that are really interesteded, and like me, hate having things repeated. *Breathe in* Here is the list:

  • Welcome to BackAlleyPics - One of the best collections of female celebrity pics on the World Wide Web. Our site is free. Yada Dada at one point this little collection started as a screen saver in 2006 and first went live on the web in 2010. Dada yada, Now it is two different websites {reasons listed everywhere} years later.
  • At BackAlleyPics it is all about QUALITY over quantity so... In a nutshell, If you like to be able to know that the collection you are looking at doesn't have a bunch of low quality images thrown in for filler to appease search engines you are in the correct place because trust me I throw enough of those in the garbage that at points in time the recycling bin will be begging me to empty it because it's stomach hurts. Who needs that trash? Some collections I feel like throwing half of the high quality ones away. 400 pics from one event is very frustrating and time consuming. But hey, it is a labor of love?! Righhht.
  • ...And speaking of quality... I strive to find all pics tag free and in 2000 x 3000 resolution? Yeah and in a perfect world there is no hunger and war. Now the tag free thing is easy because tagged pics go in the trash. Granted I miss a few tags here and there and when I do weed them out I try to get rid of them but I deal in hundreds of thousands of pics and let us just be realistic. There are some tagged pics on BackAlleyPics but those tags are not put there by me! If you see one and it is bothering you, let me know because I will delete it with no hesitation and if I ever meet you I will surely by you a beer.
  • Resolution and image quality is a lot harder. There will be no images less than 800 px intentionally. I have caught a few of those that slipped through the cracks as well and as stated above, point it out and it is gone. As for resolution? Well, a lot of bikini pics come to mind, resolution is just something that is beyond my control. That, dear visitor, I leave to your discretion. If they are so bad that I can barely make out her face I trash the whole collection and don't even waste the time posting them. For that one collection that I trashed there are three more to replace it. Celebrities are likes weeds in that regard {and in a lot of other regards as well}.
  • THERE ARE NO CELEBRITIES ON BACKALLEYPICS that are under the age of 21 and there are no image collections of "her" before she was at least 18. I try not to even collect any images of "her" unless she was at least 20 years of age when the pics were taken. "18" is a disclaimer of course. But 90 percent of the time the image collection that you are viewing, "she" was at least 20 years old. The exception to this is photoshoots because frankly 75 percent of the time I have no idea when a photoshoot was taken and the internet will not give me such information. I don't waste time trying to figure it out. I just throw them in a folder called photoshoots and go about my day unless it was glaringly obvious that she was underage. On this is really as much as a moot point as it gets as there is no nudity anyhow. Safe For Work Baby!!!
  • Copyright and all of that... If you are the copyright owner of any celebrity pic on and would like them taken down, Please let us know and we will take them down immediately. The celebrity pics on this website are property of their copyright holder. We claim no ownership of any of the celebrity photos on
  • More Copyright... All and logos and graphics are copyright of and All rights reserved. If you would like to use them... Drop me an email and let me know.
  • And...*Breathe Out * I have a lot of back alleys yet unexplored. Happy collecting and thank you, constant visitor, for stopping by!!! You can contact us Here